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About Wakota CAER

  • Wakota CAER is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization initiated by industry and dedicated to provide and support preparedness for public safety and environmental preservation.
  • Although Wakota CAER primarily serves Washington and Dakota counties in Minnesota, the organization has collaborated with additional CAER organizations and out-of-state response groups to promote preparedness and response efforts.
  • Wakota CAER works to ensure that plans for responding to emergencies are coordinated between the public and private sectors and various government jurisdictions.
  • Interagency coordination in response and planning provides mutual benefit to those responsible in emergency response and in the communities.
  • The success of Wakota CAER can be attributed to the lasting partnerships between industry and government to accomplish a mutual vision that Wakota CAER supports.


How Wakota CAER Addresses Prevention & Preparedness

Wakota CAER addresses prevention and preparedness with two objectives in mind: the protection of people and the protection of the environment.  Oil spills to rivers, chemical fires and many other emergency situations often threaten both people and the environment simultaneously.