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Wakota CAER exercises and drills
Wakota CAER exercises and drills - boom school

Exercises and Drills

You only get better at something by practicing.  Proficiency is gained through the use of drills or exercises.  During a drill or exercise response plans are tested and equipment is deployed.  Lessons learned from these efforts allow for deficiencies to be identified and practices improved.

There are two types of exercises used by Wakota CAER to practice response preparedness:

  • Tabletop — A fictional scenario is developed and all responding organizations discuss the series of events through a simulated timeline. This type of exercise is ideal for identifying plan flaws and bringing all parties together to discuss the “what ifs” of a response.
  • Equipment Deployment —Equipment is actually deployed to evaluate the effectiveness of any pre-developed strategies. This type of exercise is ideal for identifying equipment and training needs and address the question of whether “it looks good on paper” can actually be achieved in the field.