it's happening around us daily.
The river...
a source of pure enjoyment.
Wakota CAER is all about sustaining
community safety and environmental quality.
Bringing industry, regulators
and communities together.
Building relationships for success.
Prevention and preparedness...
for everyone's benefit.
Wakota CAER
Community Awareness Emergency Response
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It has long been said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That axiom is at the core of what Wakota CAER is about. Effective prevention and preparedness can only be accomplished through collaborative efforts. Contrary to the perception, competing companies and industries can come together to share information and resources when lives are at stake.


The vision of the Wakota (CAER) is to provide and support preparedness for public safety and environmental protection.


The mission of Wakota CAER is to foster a collaborative culture through networking, communication, and education that results in a higher level of public safety and environmental quality.


The Mississippi River Spill Response Cooperative
In 1971, aviation fuel poured into the Mississippi River from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Airport responders enlisted the aid of downriver industries…

Radio System

The Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB) in 2005 authorized Wakota CAER to operate on the 800 MHz Radio System during emergency responses and training exercises for incidents involving oil or hazardous materials

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