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Radio System

The Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB) in 2005 authorized Wakota CAER to operate on the 800 MHz Radio System during emergency responses and training exercises for incidents involving oil or hazardous materials. Communication is a critical part of response efforts and supports safety and the quick and effective deployment of equipment.

Why the 800 MHz system?

To improve communication and coordination during oil and hazardous materials incidents among first responders from industry, local public safety organizations and other government agencies. Oil and hazardous materials incidents are by nature multi-jurisdictional, involving responders from local public safety, industry as well as local, state, and federal government agencies. 

To facilitate communication among industry first responders from different organizations responding to requests for mutual aid.

When and where will the radios be used?

Wakota CAER member organizations will use the 800 MHz Radio System during emergency responses involving oil or hazardous material incidents and for training activities related to emergency response. Members may not use the radios for day-to-day communications.
The system will be used in the Metro area and state-wide when the system is available. Up to 35 radios may be acquired. 

Training activities — Inland Waterways Oil Spill Responder Training sessions cover radio use and maintenance. For member organizations that choose to maintain radios, a member of the Training and Exercise Committee will schedule a time to provide training to employees at the worksite.

Where can I find more information?

Email Tristan Saito if you have any questions about this Wakota CAER Program.

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